Month: March 2022

The Longest Walk

This story is about a family that walked the longest route from the top of New Zealand to the bottom. This story was Written by Rebekah White.


The Rapsey Family walked for exactly three months and one day they started from Cape Reinga and walked to Bluff. They took a route called Te Araoa which means “The Longest Pathway”. This walk was difficult because they had to stop every night to set up the tent and this was hard as they had to find a flat surface that was dry with no tall grass.


The Rapsey Family walked through many areas and here are their locations: Mount Travers, Rotomairewhenua/Blue Lake and Bluff.


If it reaches night they mostly stay in their tents sometimes they sleep in Sleeping houses or Tramping huts.


Here are some picture of where the Rapsey Family had passed through when they were walking—->



Once I finished this story I felt happy and grateful that someone had walked through all these places throughout New Zealand. I Wonder if someone is going to beat this world record.

My Magpie Harness Design

Scientists wanted to track the birds so they can research more about the Magpies and learn about there habitats. Recently scientists discovered  that Magpies display “Rescue behavior” towards other Magpies. Rescue behavior is when an animal helps another animal without being rewarded


Treasure Box

War has began, bombs dropping, houses burning, People dying. This is War.

As I walk beside my dad, I feel my dads arm wrap around me, making me warm. I hear footsteps in front and behind me as we walk to our destination. I hope we dont encounter an enemy soldiers. I wish this war never happen. I hope we don’t get caught while sleeping.