High Flying Giraffe

As I walk through a hallway made out of white, shiny, tiles, I hear clip clops from behind and in front of me. I see Pablo stopping to inspect a camera attached to the tiled wall. We walk up a swirly pathway, evenly spread out like a conga line. I see different patterned giraffes with jigsaw puzzles, brown and white spots here and there in front of me. Clip clop, Pablo stops with an excited look on his face.

Soon Pablo charges so fast his footsteps echo along the spiral. He leaps towards the dangling giraffe and flips 2 times then dives, so straight, so long, like a spear.`SPLASH!’  After a long queue it was finally my turn. I take a deep breath then I charge to the hanging giraffe, clip clop clip clop. 

I leap towards the hanging giraffe. Thump thump, thump thump my heart is beating so fast but I don’t give up. I flip 2 times then dive and pierce the water. I see a trail of bubble’s following Pablo’s feet. I emerged from the chlorinated pool, the water adding weight to my body, making me sluggish. Slowly but surely I begin to follow the other giraffes.

We went for another lap. Walking up the spiral with an exhausted look on our faces, eventually, we make it to the top. A second giraffe descends from the roof supported by metal bars. I wait for my time to shine. I run fast, like I am late for school.I leap towards the second hanging giraffe with confidence. Surprisingly my heart isn’t beating fast this time. I flip then dive into the pool. I follow Pablo out of the chlorinated pool. 

We all gather in a line bowing to the camera and to the audience.

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