Snow is descending, it is winter. I take a shortcut through an alleyway. I bounce around like a wild monkey. I make my way to a wall of names. I grab a piece of chalk that was left on a little metal scaffolding. I write my name on the wall.. The ice has made the wall hard but that didn’t stop me, I carve my name “Alma” on the wall. It took awhile but it did work. I observe the other names on the wall. I hear a sound from behind me. I turn around to inspect the suspicious sound. It is a doll, not an ordinary doll, a doll of myself.

 I walk towards the doll. I see it is wearing my clothes. I look down to see if our clothes match. I looked up to see the doll but it has disappeared into thin air. I peeked through the window to find the replica doll of myself. I see the doll standing on a desk now with other dolls around the replica. I rush to the enter the door, turning the knob, finding out it was locked. I grab snow and morph it with my hands to turn into a snowball. THUMP!! I throw the snowball and staunch off

With anger. “Creeekkk” the door

Slowly opens. The bell rings.

I charged my way towards the door. Slowly opening the door cautiously. I walk inside. Examine the other dolls, some were creepy. Some were natural. I see the replica doll on a desk. I approach the doll and trip. I look down to see a doll on a bike. I stand him up

For him to ride towards the door trying to escape. The door shuts before him.

I looked at the replica to find out it had disappeared again. I look around trying to find the doll.


I see the doll on a shelf. Running towards the doll,

I climb the couch and use my teeth to take my gloves off.

The doll on the bike is hitting the door continuously. I

Extend my right arm up towards the doll.


I touch the doll feeling a magnetic energy travelling through my body. Before I can react I teleport ed  into a dark room  looking around for light. Soon two Giant glass circles appeared in front of me. I look around. To find out I’m inside the doll. “Clock, clock, clock” My eyes make a weird sound when I look around. I see the doll on the bike banging his head over and over.

I see another doll rise up from the floor waiting for the next victim

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